Peralatan Menembak Ikan di Laut (Spearfishing Tackle)

peralatan spearfishing

Peralatan spearfishing di laut atau menembak ikan yaitu ; speargun, mask, snorkel, fin, wetsuit, gloves, float


Paling penting alat speargun atau menembak ikannya untuk spearfishing
Bisa di Tokopedia Sea Laut
Pneumatic Gun Salvimar Vintair 75cm / Spearfishing / Speargun

Pneumatic speargun Salvimar Vintair
The airgun is loved by generations of spearfisher for its ease of use, compactness, ease of handling and finally for the excellent value for money. Under a classic design, Vintair hides small innovations and advanced materials, can reduce the need for maintenance and ensure long periods of intensive use.
Available with and without the power control, which allows the fragmentation of effort armament, lodges indiscriminately ø7 and ø8 mm shafts of, the holes in the new lightened head are oversized for the rapid and efficient expulsion of water from the barrel.
The piston ø1, 5mm and the geometry of the trigger mechanism, ensure smooth and soft stroke of the trigger.
The best performance is obtained starting from pre-charge pressure of only 20atm!
Made in Italy.

Air speargun without power regulator, hydrodynamic muzzle lightened by enlarged drain holes. Provided by ø 8mm shaft, harpoon and pump for the variation of the pre-charge pressure.

Atau bisa juga di tokopedia Under The Sea
Speargun Salvimar Intruder Drop 75 cm – Spearfishing Freediving Selam
Description Arbalete with alluminium barrel, light tting. The very best arbalete for spearshing in cave or in muddy waters thanks to its great solidity and its white handle that makes it visible even from the surface.

Cylindrical barrel in aluminum, dynamic line release. The trigger run can be adjusted by the Stecher System. Equipped with threaded shaft and prong.

– Ergonomic Prole
– Steel Mechanism
– Conguration Optimized Power
– Muzzle for circular rubbers and 3-prong spear
– Black and white handle for better visibility on the seabed
– 14 mm circular band d
– 6.5 mm spear diameter

Atau kalau mau yang lebih murah lagi Speargun handmade masih manual di bukalapak icha58
Best deal spearfishing handmade 120cm
Speargun handmade panjang 120cm asyik buat menemani wisata snorkling anda Bahan dari kayu, shaft stainless 6mm panjang 120cm, sudah lengkap tinggal pake, ada tali pengikatnya, karet 14mm 60cm, platuk dari stainless anti karat bsa di pasang karet tiga, platuk tanpa pengaman, hati2 makenya Segala bentuk kesalahan dan penyalahgunaan alat ini diluar tangung jawab penjual

mask snorkel
mask & snorkel


Kemudian Paket Set Freediving / Spearfishing Cressi Gaara 3000LD
Set Snorkeling Cressi Freediving dan Spearfishing Gaara 3000LD :
Terdiri dari :
– Set Snorkeling Perla Mare
Set terdiri dari Mask Perla dan Snorkel Mexico Hitam, Cocok untuk Freediving atau Spearfishing.
– Fins Cressi Gaara 3000LD
Long Fins Gaara 3000LD ( Long Distance ) Blade dari fins ini tidak kaku melainkan Lentur.
Bisa di cek di Tokopedia Cahaya Dive Shop

Atau lihat juga di Tokopedia GODIVE SHOP
Alat Selam Godive Mask Snorkel Set M266-Black+Fin Full Heel FS07-Black
– 1 Pcs Godive Mask M266-Black
– 1 Pcs Godive Snorkel SN266-Black
– 1 Pair Godive Fin Full Heel FS07-Black

High quality Silicone + PC
Tempered glass
Brand: Godive
Model : M266 Set
Godive’s M266 mask is using high quality Silicone material, not PC+PVC.
Snorkle Type : Semi Dry Snorkle

Snorkeling and diving Fin
Swimming Fin
Perfect for scuba
Size : XS (36-37), S (38-39), M (40-41), ML (42-43), L (44-45), XL (46-47)
Brand: Godive
Model : FS-07
Using high quality of TRP, FS-07 can effectively direct water flow down the blade. It is constructed using multiple materials bonded together with a patented three material molding process to provide comfort and suppleness in the foot area and strength and rigidity in the heel and blade area, where the foot pocket is beneath the blade for added power and efficiency.

Material :
Head : PP
Heel : TRP
Buckle : ABS
Band : PVC

Kemudian Baju Div nya Bisa cek juga di Tokopedia ALPA OUTDOORS
Size M L XL
TINGGI 163-168 168-173 173-190 CM
BERAT 55-68 59-72 67-85 KG

-opencell ( tahan dingin ,air dari luar tidak masuk )
-tebal 3.5mm
-two pieces (2 bagian )
-bahan neopren yamamoto


Kemudian sarung tangan bisa cek juga di tokopedia Bali Dive Shop
Gloves spearfishing Dymax Salvimar (Bali Dive Shop) – Hijau
Salvimar Dymax Glove Green Anti Cutting
The use of continuous thread of Dymax line.
The new robust palm impregnated in nitrile.
Tightest cuff.
Size XL


Kemudian Pelampung bisa juga di tokopedia spear club
Bouy float pelampung spearfishing diving freedive speargun 10L padox
PADOX spearfishing ..
float 10L (sdh di tes semalaman tidak kemes) Bouy / float /pelampung spearfishing Bahan PVC rubber boat 0,7mm
Kuat tdk mudah bocor dan tahan duri ikan..
-10 L ( 50cm x 20cm) harga 600rb/pc -15L ( 60cm x 23cm) harga 700rb/pc

Atau bisa juga di tokopedia SyamilArkan
Torpedo Buoy SpearFishing Float / FREEDIVE / SPEARGUN / SPEARFISHING
Torpedo Buoy (Spear Fishing Float):
210 Denier nylon fabric with 0.1 mm T.P.U & PU coating.
Oral inflator, 20 meters P.P webbing, hook & loop.
1 inch plastic D-ringx4 & 1 inch stainless D-ringx1.

Atau bisa juga melihat Video peralatan untuk Spearfishing di video ini:

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